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Human Resources


Goal:  Build further capacity to meet the ongoing staffing needs of the organization, and implement a robust multi-faceted professional development program to support the growth and capacity of all staff.

The Templeton Unified School District Human Resources Office is open Monday-Friday, from 7:30 am to 4:00 pm.


Meet the Team

  Janice Casacca (805) 434-5801 HR Administrative Assistant
  Katrina Hughes (805) 434-5807 Payroll A - K/Accounts Payable
  Laura Javine (805) 434-5808 Payroll L - Z/Health Insurance/Classified employee leaves/PERS retirement
  Yvette Reynoso (805) 434-5802 Human Resources Coordinator

Employee of the month

Our Employee Recognition Program's purpose is to increase employee morale and retention through recognition.  Selections are made by our Management Team monthly with the following criteria:  

  • Employees must be with the district for a minimum of six months for Classified employees and one year for Certificated and Unrepresented employees
  • Good standing
  • Exemplify the District's Core Values

For the month of January, the Management team recognizes Vicki Angelini and Brandi Javine

Vicki Angelini has been the teacher of our Eagle Canyon High School for 15 years supporting sVicki Angeliniome of the District's most struggling high school students. It is clear that she still cares very deeply for her program and students, and engages them with humor, sincerity, and warmth daily. I've been impressed with her dedication and her ability to meet her students 'where they are.' Vicki's 'One Woman Show' is serving our students' needs and helping them receive a high school diploma which will open many more doors in life. Templeton Unified School District is so appreciative of the passion that Vicki Angelini has for our students and the work she does.

Brandi Javine is the site secretary for Templeton Alternative Schools, which include Eagle Canyon High ScBrandi Javinehool, Home School, and Templeton Independent Study.  She is always on the go, making sure our programs are running smoothly, contacting parents and students to reaffirm times, set meetings, and answering questions.  Brandi is also an integral part of the District's Student Attendance Review Board program, which also requires a great deal of planning and organization to ensure all of our students are attending school regularly. I have also found Brandi to be conscientious, high energy, and almost always wearing a smile. She is a great benefit to our organization.




Please visit our postings using this Ed-Join link.


For more Information visit our Employment Opportunities Page   

How to apply with Templeton Unified School District

All job vacancies for Templeton Unified School District are posted on the Web site.  Vacancies are categorized as "certificated,"  "classified," "coaching," or "administrative."  Please pay close attention to application deadlines, supplemental questions (if applicable), testing dates, and any other requested documentation as indicated on the job posting. 

Application Process: 

  • Apply online for the position through, every job listing will have a "Click Here to Apply" button that starts the application process.  You will be required to create a username and password for the Web site before you may begin.  Make sure that the email address you provide to EdJoin is the one you most frequently use as email communications will be sent using this account during the application process. 
  • Fill in the required fields for the application.  If you do not have all of the required information at the time you are filling out the application, you may return to the Web site at a later time to finish the application.  Be sure to adhere to the deadline time for submitting your application closes to be considered. 
  • You will be notified via email that your application was successfully submitted. 

Need a Substitute?


Aesop Link


To help secure a substitute, please input your absence as soon as possible.  

If you need assistance, please Human Resources at 805.434-5801.



We need qualified substitutes in all areas.  Throughout the year, we have classified substitute opportunities in the following departments:  

  • Special Education Assistants and Technicians
  • Food Services
  • Clerical positions throughout the district
  • Maintenance and Operations

If you are interested in becoming one of the wonderful TUSD classified substitutes, please contact Human Resources at 805-434-5801 or stop by the District Office for a mini-information/orientation session.  OR - you can print and complete the application packet shown on this page and drop it off.  Whatever works best for you - we'd love to welcome you to our team.!!!

Thank you in advance for your interest in the students of Templeton Unified School District!

    Do You Want to Become A Substitute Teacher?

    More information on substitute teaching is available at: SLOCOE

    ·         $10 processing fee, payable to SLOCOE (check, cash, credit cards accepted)

    ·         Must have Bachelor's Degree: Official unopened transcripts OR original diploma to photocopy

    ·         Copy of CBEST or Multiple Subject CSETs scores

    ·         Copy of Livescan OR proof of a certificate of clearance


    For more information regarding the Substitute Permit please visist 

    Substitute application process

    Thank you for your interest in becoming a member of our Substitute Team. To begin the substitute application process, please submit an application using the links below.

    Certificated Substitute Edjoin Application

    Classified Substitute Edjoin Application

    After you submit an online application, please stop by the Templeton Unified School District (960 Old County Road, Templeton, CA 93465) to pick up an employment packet to complete and return to the Human Resources Department.

    We look forward to welcoming you to our District!

    Yvette Reynoso, Human Resources Coordinator

    Employee Annual Notifications

    Employee review of Templeton Unified School District Employee Annual Notifications


    Bargaining Unit Contracts

    Salary Schedules & Job Descriptions

    Personnel Resources

    Employee Self Service Portal (ESS)

    The link below will take you to the employee portal where you can view your payroll, leave, and other personnel information related to your employment with TUSD.

    Employee Portal (ESS)

    Employee Insurance

    The link below will connect you to a wealth of resources related to your health, dental and vision insurance.   

    SISC Member Resources


    Tax Sheltered Annuity (TSA) 

    Need help with a tax sheltered annuity?  Click on the link below including retirement calculators and 403(b) and 457(b) providers.  

    Templeton TSA




    Check this Web site for administrative, certificated, and classified job openings for districts throughout the state.  Online applications can be submitted via this site. 


    San Luis Obispo County Office of Education

    The San Luis Obispo County Office of Education Web site provides K-12 public school information for educators, students, and parents. 


    California Commission on Teacher Credentialing

    The CCTC division is charged with the evaluation and issuance of teaching credentials, certificates, and permits for public school teachers for the State of California as set forth in the California Education Code.


    The T.U.S.D. Board of Trustees is responsible for hiring the superintendent who is essentially the Chief Executive Officer of the District.  The Governing Board is also responsible for evaluating the superintendent to ensure the individual is leading the District as directed through Board policy and District regulations and the District's mission and goals.  While the evaluation of the superintendent is considered a confidential personnel matter and will not be shared with the public, the tool used in this process is not.  As such, the Board directed that the criteria upon which the District's superintendent will be evaluated be made available through this website.

      Janice Casacca (805) 434-5801 HR Administrative Assistant
      Katrina Hughes (805) 434-5807 Payroll A - K/Accounts Payable
      Laura Javine (805) 434-5808 Payroll L - Z/Health Insurance/Classified employee leaves/PERS retirement
      Yvette Reynoso (805) 434-5802 Human Resources Coordinator