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SBAC information

Dear Parent/Guardian:

This is an exciting time for everyone at Templeton Unified School District.

As you may already know, we, along with thousands of schools across California, are participating in ...more

Grade by grade parent manuals

Click here for K-12 information about the Common Core Standards from the National Parent Teachers' Association.

TUSD and the Common Core State Standards


Welcome to TUSD's Common Core State Standards Webpage.  This is intended for use by teachers, paraprofessionals, administrators, with a side panel of information for parents.  This will be a work in progress, and may include errors that should be reported to Laura Brooks  If you find links and resources that should be included on this page, please send the information along.  We hope that you find this page useful and informative as we continue to improve our district, making it one of the best in San Luis Obispo County.

TUSD CCSS Inservice Dates

Our next professional development dates will be determined by site staffs and administrations.  Look in the RCD section below for valuable links for work we have previously completed.


Don't forget to visit the site set up for TUSD: for more information on the development of Rigorous Curriculum Design Units of study.  Pacing Calendars, Updated Benchmarks, and Priority and Supporting Standards for all grades can be found on the Google Drive, under the heading, "Shared With Me."


Keep March 6-8 on your calendar for the Google Summit at TUSD.



Professional Development Opportunities through SLOCOE

Our San Luis Obispo County Schools has established the 2014-15 calendar for professional development opportunities.  You can view the individual workshop details by clicking here.  In addition, these dates have been added to the calendar that appears on the right tab on this page.  Here is a quick list for your use.



  • Nov. 4 - Julie Herron, TK-K math
  • Nov. 5 - ELD and CCSS
  • Nov. 6 - Understanding New CA laws and Implications for the classroom.
  • Nov. 13 - Grace Dearborn, Collaboration, Communication and Critical Thinking K-12
  • Nov. 20 - Julie Herron K-1 Math
  • Dec. 4 - Communicate and Collaborate with ipads
  • Dec. 9 - ELD Writing in the Common Core Era
  • Dec. 10-11 Statistics and Probability
  • Feb. 18 - Picture Writing
  • Feb. 25 - Alan November
  • Mar. 16 - Kagen Structures for Cooperative Learning and Active Engagement
  • Various SELPA trainings (see p. 18)
  • Various Environmental Education community service and workshops (see p. 22)
  • County wide meeting schedulr (see p. 25 - 28)


RCD Materials


Webinar Learning Opportunities

Stay tuned for updates!


Professional Development Opportunities K-12

ASCD - Many resources and personal/professional learning opportunities.  Visit their website

Building Academic Vocabulary




More Resources for K-12!

Santa Ana Schools' great resources online here!

Inside Mathematics, there is something for everyone at this site!

More Inside Mathematics, with video resources on teaching methodologies!

STEM resources K-12

Writing at all grade levels (Write Source).  Anchor papers are included.

Unpacking standards and more.

Nonfiction reading for all grade levels.

This is another gold mine to support CCSS and nonfiction reading with current events and topics.

Gooru is a great site for...well...every subject K-12.  Preview for your student audience.

Depth and Complexity resources - Grade 3, but can be modified for use by other levels.

College and Career Readiness
This online mini-movie is part of the genome exhibit that was just released for DNA day.

How to develop Close Readers.

Key Points in English/Language Arts

Using Primary and Secondary Sources

Testing - Savvy tips for teachers and kids

K-8 Bird Experiential Science - flier

K-8 Bird Experiential Science - folder

Civic Education - resource


Rigorous Curriculum Design - Larry Ainsworth

Ainsworth's "Big Picture" Diagram for Rigorous Curriculum Design

Depth of Knowledge (DOK) Chart

Hess's Cognitive Rigor Matrix and Curricular Examples

RCD Unit Assessment Planner.docx

Templeton Elementary School Resources Grades T-K to 2

Templeton Elementary School Resources

Environmental Education and the Common Core - Kindergarten, Grade 1, Grade 2

K-1 Math Problem Solving

2-3 Math Problem Solving

Sounds Like? Oct. 1 inservice

CPIN Trainings (CA Preschool) 10/1/14, 2/5/15, 3/18/15, TBD Spring 2015

Vineyard Elementary School Resources Grades 3-4-5

Vineyard Elementary School Resources

California History Resource Link

Environmental Education and the Common Core Grade 3, Grade 4,    Grade 5

Grades 2-3 Math Problem Solving

Grades 4-5 Math Problem Solving

4th grade multiplication and division from Engage New York

Primary Source photographs and documents for California History

Performance task for area and perimeter - Grade 4

Symmetry also good Grade 4.

Here is a gold mine (pun intended) of gold rush photos and documents!!

Lines, Angles, Shapes, etc. for grade 4 taught through quilting.

Choose 3 ways - quick form to promote divergent thought in math.

Templeton Middle School Resources Grades 6-7-8

Templeton Middle School Resources

Civil War Resource link

Environmental Education and the Common Core Grade 6, Grade 7,    Grade 8

Grade 6 Math Problem Solving

Video SBAC information for TMS students

A new video provides information to middle school students about the Smarter Balanced Field Test. The video introduces students to the Field Test and explains the significant contribution they will make in helping to create the operational tests for 2014–15. The video is posted at the following link:

Just for math - TMS!

The Smarter Balanced mathematics assessments for grades six and above allow students to access an embedded calculator appropriate to their grade level. Students in grade six will access a basic calculator, and students in grades seven and above will access a scientific calculator. The available Training Tests provide test items by grade bands, including a mathematics band for grades six through eight. When accessing the Training Test, students should be sure to select their current grade so that they may experience the computer-based testing features and functions, including the calculator, appropriate to their grade level. Training Tests are linked at

When Bell-Ringers Go Bad: My Quest to Deepen Start-of-Class Activities
By Kim McCready
For most of my 14 years of teaching, I've assigned "bell work" while attending to beginning-of-class duties. For ...more

Templeton High School Resources Grades 9-10-11-12

Templeton High School Resources

Cold War Resource Link

Environmental Education and the Common Core Grade 9 (not available), Grade 10, Grade 11, Grade 12.1, Grade 12.2

Common Core Math Resources K-12

THS Video introduction to the SBAC

A new video that provides information to high school students about the Smarter Balanced Field Test is now available. The video introduces students to the Field Test and explains the significant contribution they will make in helping to create the operational tests for 2014–15. The video is posted at the following link:

Special Services


ELD resource - "The Source"

EQuIP - Quality Review

ELD Framework

Helping English-Language Learners Adapt Under the Common Core by Wendi Pillars
The Common Core State Standards can be intimidating for those of us who teach students who are English-language learners ...more

SBAC Information

SBAC Information

To help teachers and staff to install the secure browser to any computer, here's the link to a walk-through video you can share.
It's pretty detailed. The secure browser is the preferred method to access the practice tests.  It is also what we will be using to test the system in the 'Test it Out' county-wide administration on February 27th from 1:00 - 3:00.


There are many links for teachers, students, and parents to help prepare for the SBAC.  Click on any of the following links to learn more!

SBAC field test information

 few others:

CCSS Events Calendar

Common Core Vocabulary

Researchers estimate 85% of achievement test scores are based on the vocabulary of the standards. Students from poverty, ELL students, and other at-risk students are particularly in need of learning these words in ways that meet their specific learning needs.

Words to Grow On!

Researchers estimate 85% of achievement test scores are based on the vocabulary of the standards. Students from poverty, ELL students, and other at-risk students are particularly in need of learning ...more

Bloom's Revised Taxonomy


Cognitive Rigor Resources