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Check this Web site for administrative, certificated, and classified job openings for districts throughout the state.  Online applications can be submitted via this site. 


San Luis Obispo County Office of Education

The San Luis Obispo County Office of Education Web site provides K-12 public school information for educators, students, and parents. 


California Commission on Teacher Credentialing

The CCTC division is charged with the evaluation and issuance of teaching credentials, certificates, and permits for public school teachers for the State of California as set forth in the California Education Code.

Embree, Amy
Credential Tracking/Salary Credits/ Transcripts/ Professional Growth/ STRS and
Fahey, Vicky
SubFinder/ Staff Directory/ Volunteer Data Base
Javine, Laura
Classified Payroll/Health Insurance/Classified employee leaves/PERS retirement
Koski, Joe
Salcido, Kristin
Certificated Payroll/Accounts Payable


The T.U.S.D. Board of Trustees is responsible for hiring the superintendent who is essentially the Chief Executive Officer of the District.  The Governing Board is also responsible for evaluating the superintendent to ensure the individual is leading the District as directed through Board policy and District regulations and the District's mission and goals.  While the evaluation of the superintendent is considered a confidential personnel matter and will not be shared with the public, the tool used in this process is not.  As such, the Board directed that the criteria upon which the District's superintendent will be evaluated be made available through this website.

Superintendent's Evaluation Criteria


Welcome ...

Thank you for stopping by Templeton Unified School District's Human Resources' home page. 

Templeton Unified is proud of its high quality staff from our administrators and teachers to all of our district-wide support staff.  The members of the Templeton team are dedicated to providing an outstanding educational experience for its students. 

We invite you to visit our home page from time to time to explore employment opportunities that may be right for you. 




Please visit our postings using this Ed-Join link.



Want to be a substitute in our school district?  Here is a list of the areas you could work in:

Teaching, Custodial, Special Education, Food Service, Office, Yard Duty, Crossing Guard

If your interested, please click here to print out the application and return it to the District Office to get started.       



Please click on the link below to select the Coverage Plan you are interested in viewing:


15-16 Summary of Benefits and Coverage.zip

How to apply with Templeton Unified School District

All job vacancies for Templeton Unified School District are posted on the EdJoin.org Web site.  Vacancies are categorized as "certificated,"  "classified," "coaching," or "administrative."  Please pay close attention to application deadlines, supplemental questions (if applicable), testing dates, and any other requested documentation as indicated on the job posting. 

Application Process: 

  • Apply online for the position through EdJoin.org, every job listing will have a "Click Here to Apply" button that starts the application process.  You will be required to create a username and password for the Web site before you may begin.  Make sure that the email address you provide to EdJoin is the one you most frequently use as email communications will be sent using this account during the application process. 
  • Fill in the required fields for the application.  If you do not have all of the required information at the time you are filling out the application, you may return to the Web site at a later time to finish the application.  Be sure to adhere to the deadline time for submitting your application closes to be considered. 
  • You will be notifed via email that your application was successfully submitted. 


STAFF: Please refer to the link District Policies and Procedures to see the information for each item on the signature page.  After reviewing, please print out the signature page, initial by each item and sign and date at the bottom of the form.  Return to your site secretary.





Hey Staff, Need a Substitute?


Aesop Link


To help secure a substitute, please input your absence as soon as possible.  

If you need assistance, please contact Vicki Fahey at 434-5801.


Do You Want to Become A Substitute Teacher?

Working with San Luis Obispo County Office of Education you can start by downloading the request form:


·         $10 processing fee, payable to SLOCOE (check, cash, credit cards accepted)

·         Must have Bachelor's Degree: Official unopened transcripts OR original diploma to photocopy

·         Copy of CBEST or Multiple Subject CSETs scores

·         Copy of Livescan OR proof of a certificate of clearance


For more information regarding the Substitute Permit please visist www.slocoe.org.