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TUSD is an educational system where stakeholders are empowered, respected and adequately resourced to deliver broad-based and effective pathways from which student and employee outcomes are self-determined as a result of individual talents, interests and choices.  The fundamental values of integrity, perseverance, excellence and local control are apparent in all interactions between staff members and during interactions with the public. 

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The students of Templeton Unified are fortunate to have a dedicated group known as the Templeton Education Foundation (T.E.F.) working to support our schools.  This organization raised more than $65,000 this past year.  That doesn't happen without the involvement of community members like yourself.  If you would like more information on the Templeton Education Foundation or if you are interested in volunteering your time to this worthwhile cause, please join in their efforts.  Meetings are held the 4th Wednesday of each month at 6:30 p.m. at Rabobank on Las Tablas.  Questions may be directed to Heidi Ferrari using the link below.  More information is also available on their website

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Welcome to Templeton!

Before we fully transition to the 2013/14 school year, I want to celebrate some of the many highlights from last year.  Templeton Middle and Templeton High joined Vineyard Elementary as California Distinguished Schools.  This makes TUSD the only school system in the county with a Distinguished School at each level of recognition.  At the same time, Templeton Elementary improved its API score by 72 points.  This represented the largest gain by any school in the county.  Our students received numerous academic and athletic awards.  Our baseball and volleyball teams (girls and boys) won their leagues and survived deep into the CIF playoffs.  The FFA livestock judging team won at the state level and finished second in the national competition.  Two members of this team finished first in an international competition in Edinburgh, Scotland.  Students from Templeton's Home School program earned more winners' ribbons in a writing competition than any other school in the county.  I am proud of the performance of our students and staff members who continue to improve every year despite the deplorable financial conditions facing every school district in California.  That being said, I believe that the best is yet to come despite numerous changes facing us this year.

California will be moving away from content standards in favor of the national Common Core State Standards.  Our students will be asked to complete an entirely new type of computer-based assessment which will take practice as well as additional infrastructure.  Like all journeys which incorporate change, there are likely to be surprises and difficulties along the way.  However, I am thankful that our school system is filled with so many talented and committed professionals.  I am confident that we will successfully navigate the times ahead. 

I am also excited because financial conditions in the state are improving.  TUSD was able to return all four days to the student calendar.  We will be providing 180 school days this year.  The staff and I will also need to determine the types of programs and staff positions which will be returned to our district assuming that fiscal conditions continue to improve in the years ahead.  Through a process facilitated by Aaron Asplund and me, parents, community members and staff will be given an opportunity to provide feedback regarding the priorities which should be established as we reinvest in our school system.

Finally, I am pleased to share that our Facility Master Plan process is nearly completed.  I anticipate that as early as the spring of 2014 we will begin a season of construction and renovation that will last for many years ahead due to the revenue available from Measure H-12. 

Thank you for your continued support.  I feel blessed that the staff and I get to engage in another year of positive influence over the lives of the students we serve. 


Joe Koski, Ed.D.,



TMS Traffic Flow
You may have wondered about the work currently taking place in the lower parking lot at Templeton Middle School.  Well, wonder no more.  In an effort to address the traffic concerns around our schools, a traffic study was conducted to id... Continue
Posted by: Cheryl Parks
Published: 6/30/14

Elementary School Configuration Plan Update

Numerous meetings have been held to consider the best way to address our increased facility needs at the elementary grade levels.  On February 10 a community forum was held to review options for configuring our schools.  The link below will take you to a PowerPoint presentation that will help you to understand what is being considered and why.

PowerPoint Presentation

A follow up forum was held on March 25 and then the final meeting with the Board of Trustees was held on April 10 Board.  The options presented to the board were: 

Option 1:

                Move the entire second grade onto the existing VES campus.  This option would require the construction of approximately 10 classrooms.  It would eliminate the need to replace 5 portable classrooms across the district.  The size of the VES campus is projected to be 700 students by 2015-16 and over 800 students by 2017-18.


Option 2:

                Maintain TES as a TK – 2nd grade configuration.  This option would require the construction of approximately 5 classrooms.  It would not eliminate the need to replace any classrooms across the district.  TES would need frequent daily access to at least half of the upper grass field currently used by the TMS PE program.  The size of the TES campus is projected to be nearly 650 students in 2015-16 and remain above 600 for the foreseeable future.


Option 3:  APPROVED

                Develop a new grade configuration on district owned vacant land.  The most likely placement would be next to VES between the dog park and the school.  The proposed grade configuration for this site would serve grades 2 and 3.  This option would require the construction of approximately 22 classrooms, one office, and a multi-purpose room.  It would eliminate the need to replace approximately 15 classrooms across the district.  The size of this campus is projected to house up to 400 students.  This option would reduce the size of TES and VES by approximately 150 students each.


Option 4:

                Develop a new grade configuration on district owned vacant land.  The most likely placement would be next to VES between the dog park and the school.  The proposed grade configuration for this site would serve grades TK - 1.  This option would require the construction of approximately 20 classrooms, one office, and a multi-purpose room.  10 of the 20 classrooms would be larger kindergarten sized classrooms.  It would eliminate the need to replace approximately 9 classrooms across the district.  VES would be modified to serve students in grades 2-4 and would remain approximately the same size.  This option would require TES to be modified to house fifth grade students.  The size of the new TK – 1 campus is projected to house up to 400 students.  The new fifth grade campus at TES would serve approximately 200 students.  It would also require a modification to existing playgrounds and field space.

Following extensive discussion, the Board took action to approve and move forward with option 3.  This will include performing our due diligence identifying possible site alternatives to the vacant parcel adjacent to the VES campus.  We will begin the process of identifying an architect to develop the initial projected cost estimates.  We hope you'll join us as we navigate through the initial phases of the project to a finished facility. 



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Si usted necesita hablar con un empleado del distrito,  en español,  por favor llame a TES en nuestra línea telefónica  al (805) 434-4027 y hable con Annette Calcote, profesora del Desarrollo de Ingles (ELD).  Si la llamada no es contestada, por  favor deje un mensaje con un buen número para comunicarse con usted.  Intentaremos de contestarle durante las horas de 1:30-2p lúnes a viernes, o hasta las 9:00 de la noche el mismo día. Sus preguntas e inquietudes son muy importantes para nosotros, y queremos asegurarse de que ustedes pueden conseguir sus preguntas relacionadas a la escuela.


Jill Southern, Directora TES y Annette Calcote, Profesora de ELD

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