TUSD Vision

TUSD is an educational system where stakeholders are empowered, respected and adequately resourced to deliver broad-based and effective pathways from which student and employee outcomes are self-determined as a result of individual talents, interests and choices.  The fundamental values of integrity, perseverance, excellence and local control are apparent in all interactions between staff members and during interactions with the public. 

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TUSD Address?

Are you wondering whether an address is within the Templeton school district?  Click on the link below, enter the address and it will tell you whether it is within our boundaries. 



If you're new to our district and your address is within the district's boundaries, contact the school site directly to enroll your children. 

If you're address is not within the Templeton school district, please contact Cheryl Parks at (805) 434-5805 for further information on the process for obtaining an interdistrict transfer. 

Nurse's News



Updates regarding student health and welfare will be posted to this section of the District's Web site.


Please refer to the links below for information on new immunization requirements beginning with the 2011/12 school year.

New Immunization Rules 2011/12 - English

Nueva Regala Antes de la Escuela - Spanish


The students of Templeton Unified are fortunate to have a dedicated group known as the Templeton Education Foundation (T.E.F.) working to support our schools.  This organization raised more than $65,000 this past year.  That doesn't happen without the involvement of community members like yourself.  If you would like more information on the Templeton Education Foundation or if you are interested in volunteering your time to this worthwhile cause, please join in their efforts.  Questions may be directed to Brian Weiss using the link below.  More information is also available on their website

Contact us


LCAP Committee Members Sought

Templeton's Local Control Accountability Plan (LCAP) is a three-year plan describing educational programs and the basic services we provide to students.  The LCAP is developed collaboratively with representatives from stakeholders across our system.  Students, staff, faculty, parents and community members review data from eight priority areas established by the California Department of Education during several committee meetings between October and March each year.  Following data and budget review, committee members make recommendations regarding actions and services which would enhance outcomes for students.  The final LCAP is presented and approved by the Board of Trustees no later than June 30.  The current LCAP can be viewed by clicking on the link below.  


At this time, the district is seeking interested parents and community members to join the current LCAP committee.  The remaining meetings for the year are scheduled from 3:30 - 5:00 on January 31, February 28, and March 21.  Please contact Cheryl Parks at 434-5805 or cparks@templetonusd.org if you are interested in serving on this important committee.  




Budget Advisory Committee Members Sought

TUSD is seeking two parents or community members to join the Budget Advisory Committee (BAC).  The committee is being convened specifically to address projected budget deficits in the 2017-18 and 2018-19 schools years due to a recent trend of declining enrollment.


The committee will meet on January 11, January 25, January 30, and February 8 from 3:30 to 5 p.m.  The committee's work will culminate with recommendations to be presented to the TUSD Governing Board in late February.


Please contact Aaron Asplund, Chief Business Official, at aasplund@templetonusd.org or (805) 434-5810 if interested.

School Board Sworn in and Appoints New Member

Shirley Sigmund, Phil Keohen, Kevin Hamers, and Jordan Cunningham were recognized for their service to the District and, more importantly, the students of the TUSD at the Board's December 8 meeting.  Mrs. Sigmund, Mr. Keohen, Mr. Hamers and Mr. Cunningham took their responsibilities seriously and served this District with distinction.  Following their recognition, Ted Dubost, Brenda Gray, and Dr. Nelson Yamagata were sworn after being elected by the voters in November.  


The first order of business for the new board was to appoint a fifth member to replace Jordan Cunningham who resigned following his election to the State Assembly.  Jan Nimick was selected from a pool of four well qualified applicants and was immediately sworn in.  We're pleased to have the following members serve the District:  


Dr. Nelson Yamagata, President

Katrina Merson, Clerk

Ted Dubost, Member

 Brenda Gray, Member

Jan Nimick, Member

TUSD Organizational Goals

Student Achievement

Statement:  Institute instructional practices, rigorous content and data systems to measure student achievement leading to the development of 21st Century skills.


  • Implement instructional plan to increase student performance on the Listening Claim portion of the Smarter Balanced Assessment
  • Identify benchmark assessments for grades 1 - 11
  • Evaluate and develop a long-term plan to decrease the achievement gap between English and Math achievement scores
  • Collaboratively work with THS staff and administration to improve morale and establish long-term outcomes
  • Evaluate the effectiveness of new ELA curriculum
  • Finalize CTE pathways and tracking protocols to ensure accurate data
  • Determine viability of adopting a new TMS master schedule configuration
  • Implement and evaluate Every Student Every Day initiative

Employee Resources

Statement:  Create systems to recruit, hire, empower, develop and promote high performing staff members while minimizing the negative impact of underperforming staff members.


  • Measure outcomes from certificated and classified staff development
  • "On board" new employees
  • Conduct classified reclassification study
  • Survey staff to determine areas where the department can better support outcomes

Fiscal Integrity

Statement:  Involve stakeholders in developing and adopting a balanced budget that implements the reinvestment plan, creating the greatest organizational outcomes from revenue returning to our system.


  • Educate new Trustees on budget process 
  • Support and strengthen implementation of site-based QSS input
  • Study and recommend changes to Leave of Absence process
  • Position district for optimal bond rating 


Statement:  Implement the capital improvement plan and complete projects stemming from Measure H-12 revenue leading to improved classroom environments, sustainable energy and enhanced educational offerings.


  • Break ground on phase 1 of THS construction
  • Submit TES modernization plan to DSA, including a process for regular progress checks
  • Automate facility use process, including software for credit card payment 


Statement:  Incorporate new technology into existing infrastructure creating access and effective use by stakeholders enabling staff and students to achieve 21st century learning goals.  .


  • Measure return on investment from recent equipment purchases 
  • Develop and share plan for ongoing funding 



Statement:  Create and implement systems which provide regular two-way communication between stakeholders and guide the decision-making and evaluation of organizational systems.


  • Define, operationalize and develop evaluation metrics for "transparency" 
  • Increase on-site visibility and transparent communication
  • Communicate system wide success from previous year

Title IX Participation Stats

Templeton High School Athletics Participation Rates:


Males at THS:  348

Females at THS:  376


Total Female participants:  207 (236 counting cheer) 

Total Male Participants:  268 


Total number of teams:  


Male Freshmen teams:  0

Male JV teams:  8

Male Varsity teams:  10


Female Freshmen teams:  1

Female JV teams:  8 (including cheer, 9)

Female Varsity teams:  8  (including cheer, 9)  




No news posted

Interdistrict Transfers

If you are considering applying for a transfer for the 2016/17 school year, please obtain a release from your district of residence FIRST.  Templeton will provide the IDT request form to families who have already obtained a release beginning March 1.  As a release is required prior to completing the Templeton request form, we do not make the form available on our web site.  Please keep in mind that requests received between March 1 and May 15 are reviewed for possible early approval.  Requests received after May 15 are held pending confirmation we can accommodate the student's needs.  It is possible we may not be able to confirm a student is approved until the start of school in August. 


For further information, please contact Cheryl Parks at (805) 434-5805. 




Contractor Prequalification 2016-17


Contractor Prequalification Application


Contractor Prequalification Scoring Sheets (for District use only; contractors do not fill out)

Online Registration Link


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Spanish Translation Assistance

Si usted necesita hablar con un empleado del distrito,  en español,  por favor llame a TES en nuestra línea telefónica  al (805) 434-4027 y hable con Annette Calcote, profesora del Desarrollo de Ingles (ELD).  Si la llamada no es contestada, por  favor deje un mensaje con un buen número para comunicarse con usted.  Intentaremos de contestarle durante las horas de 1:30-2p lúnes a viernes, o hasta las 9:00 de la noche el mismo día. Sus preguntas e inquietudes son muy importantes para nosotros, y queremos asegurarse de que ustedes pueden conseguir sus preguntas relacionadas a la escuela.


Jill Southern, Directora TES y Annette Calcote, Profesora de ELD

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Are you looking for more information on our awesome little community?  Look no further.  The links below provide direct access to local organizations that can show you what we mean by "awesome little community." 


Templeton Community Services District



Templeton Chamber of Commerce


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