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TUSD is an educational system where stakeholders are empowered, respected and adequately resourced to deliver broad-based and effective pathways from which student and employee outcomes are self-determined as a result of individual talents, interests and choices.  The fundamental values of integrity, perseverance, excellence and local control are apparent in all interactions between staff members and during interactions with the public. 

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If you're new to our district and your address is within the district's boundaries, contact the school site directly to enroll your children. 

If you're address is not within the Templeton school district, please contact Cheryl Parks at (805) 434-5805 for further information on the process for obtaining an interdistrict transfer. 

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Updates regarding student health and welfare will be posted to this section of the District's Web site.

Free Tdap vaccinations - May 23, 2013  - For more  information, click on the link below:

Free Vaccinations


Please refer to the links below for information on new immunization requirements beginning with the 2011/12 school year.

New Immunization Rules 2011/12 - English

Nueva Regala Antes de la Escuela - Spanish


The students of Templeton Unified are fortunate to have a dedicated group known as the Templeton Education Foundation (T.E.F.) working to support our schools.  This organization raised more than $65,000 this past year.  That doesn't happen without the involvement of community members like yourself.  If you would like more information on the Templeton Education Foundation or if you are interested in volunteering your time to this worthwhile cause, please join in their efforts.  Meetings are held the 4th Wednesday of each month at 6:30 p.m. at Rabobank on Las Tablas.  Questions may be directed to Heidi Ferrari using the link below.  More information is also available on their website

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Environmental Impact Report - Mitigated Negative Declaration







DECEMBER 11, 2014

6 PM





The District has prepared a draft Mitigated Negative Declaration (MND) pursuant to the requirements of the California Environmental Quality Act. The proposed MND, the Initial Study and supporting materials are available for review and inspection at the Templeton Unified School District offices located at 960 Old County Road in Templeton.


The Proposed Project consists of a new 2nd and 3rd grade elementary school as an annex to the existing Vineyard Elementary School adjacent to the west. The initial enrollment capacity will be approximately 450 students. The project will be designed to eventually accommodate 600 students. Proposed structures include:


        • 22 re-locatable classrooms

        • Administration building (approx. 3,000 s.f.)

        • Multipurpose building (approx 6,000 s.f.)

        • Restroom Building (approx. 1,000 s.f.)

        • Shade canopy (approx 1,200 s.f.)

        • Loading dro off shelter (approx 550 s.f.)


Site work will include earthwork over the 12.4 acre site, parking and internal access roads, sports fields and play area, hardcourt for games, site lighting and entry sign. Off-site work includes striping of Vineyard drive to accommodate turn lanes into and out of the project. A sewer line will be extended to Malvasia Court to connect to the Templeton Community Services District sewer main.


The Project will shift around the current elementary student population within the District. In the 2016-2017 school year enrollment is forecast to decrease at Templeton Elementary School by about 177 and at Vineyard Elementary School by 165. These students plus forecast increases will result in 378 students enrolled at the proposed Vineyard Elementary School Annex in 2016-2017.

A community meeting is set for Monday, December 1, at 6 pm in the Eagle Conference and Training Center to allow the public an opportunity to comment on the proposed mitigated negative declaration.  A copy of the second administrative draft of the Initial Study of Environmental Impact is available for review at the District Office, 960 Old County Road, Templeton, or by clicking on the link below.  

2nd Administrative Draft - Initial Study of Environmental Impact

TUSD 2014/15 Organizational Goals

Student Achievement

Statement:  Institute instructional practices, rigorous content and data systems to measure student achievement leading college and career readiness and the development of 21st Century skills.


  • Increase implementation of common core in ELA and research-supported teaching practices in mathematics
  • Increase 21st century learning experiences using performance assessments, internships and presentations of learning
  • Increase opportunities for students pursuing certification and career goals following graduation using online courses, new application based courses and increasing enrollment at community college or in certification programs
  • Using highly effective teachers at every site to align management evaluation practices and pilot collegial instructional rounds

Employee Resources

Statement:  Create systems to recruit, hire, empower, develop and promote high performing staff members while minimizing the negative impact of underperforming staff members.


  • Improve Human Resource recruitment, interview and recognition practices
  • Articulate district versus site responsibility for curriculum delivery
  • Provide baseline equipment and instructional materials for the transition to CCSS and SBAC

Fiscal Integrity

Statement:  Involve stakeholders in developing and adopting a balanced budget that implements the reinvestment plan creating the greatest organizational outcomes for dollars which will be returning to our system.


  • Maintain a balanced budget minus strategic spend down of excessive reserves with involvement of stakeholders
  • Develop methodology for measuring return on investment for new programs and initiatives
  • Establish baseline allocations for district versus site classroom expenditures


Statement:  Implement the capital improvement plan and complete projects stemming from Measure H-12 revenue that improves classroom environments, sustainable energy and enhanced educational offerings.


  • Design and seek DSA approval for VES Annex and THS projects
  • Complete existing projects on time and within budget
  • Guide final decision on Solar Project
  • Integrate new employees into cohesive maintenance plan


Statement:  Create and implement systems which provide regular two way communication between stakeholders and guide the decision-making and evaluation of organizational systems.


  • Stakeholder engagement and LCAP development
  • Common Core ramifications
  • VES Annex, THS construction and solar project
  • 360 communication and evaluation

Welcome to 2014/15 in Templeton!

The staff and I are eagerly anticipating the 2014-15 school year.  After six long years of struggle related to the fiscal crisis, we are returning to better times.  I am happy to report that for the second year in a row the state of California has replaced some of the funding that was stripped away from us.  These replacement dollars allowed us to hire new teachers addressing many of the class size issues that surfaced over the last six years.  We were able to begin rebuilding our custodial department after seeing it reduced by nearly 50% since 2008.  We purchased the first installment of new technology providing over 1000 new computers/iPads.  Students at each grade level can expect to experience new educational opportunities as a result of expanded access to electronic curriculum.

That being said, I want to be honest and state that there is still much more to accomplish.  Effectively revising our teaching practices to match the rigor and complexity of the Common Core is a multi-year process.  The new computer adaptive Smarter Balanced Assessment will provide achievement data in a manner which hasn’t been used before in any school district in the state.  We should expect that there will be a learning curve as we transition to a more sophisticated and individualized assessment system.  New curricular materials in math, English, science and social science have to be identified and purchased over the course of the next few years.  There are significant capital expenses which must be incurred in order to replace vehicles, machines and equipment that are rapidly aging.  We must conduct significant construction affecting nearly every campus in order to accommodate growth associated with our improving economy and local housing projects.  Finally, we have to address the fact that our employees continue to see compensation and health benefit levels lag behind cost of living increases. 

Continued community patience, involvement and support are critical as we prioritize and address these diverse needs.  We suffered fiscal cuts over numerous years; it will take numerous years to arrive at levels we mutually desire.  Your direct feedback regarding school district operations is highly valued.  I encourage you to attend Trustee meetings and Community Forums.  Specific dates, times, locations and topics will be posted on the Website which is updated as necessary.  Finally, community members are needed to help develop the Local Control Accountability Plan.  This document, which must be adopted by the Trustees at a public meeting, describes school district priorities and creates a three year spending plan for core and enrichment services.  Please contact Cheryl Parks at 805-434-5805 if you are interested in being part of this new form of school accountability.

I am excited about where we are now but recognize that I must continue to walk the talk for many more years if we are going to arrive at the place our students deserve.  Get involved and help us make 2014-15 a huge step along that path!


Joe Koski, Ed.D.,



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Interdistrict Transfers

The pros and cons of interdistrict transfers have been discussed for years.  Families are often seeking to transfer their child from their district of residence into Templeton for a variety of reasons.  Transfers are generally approved if we can accommodate the needs of the individual student without impacting the education of our resident students.  At the October 9 Board meeting, Dr. Koski shared data on the number of interdistrict transfers currently in our district.  The summary presented at this meeting can be viewed by clicking on the link below. 


Interdistrict Transfer "In" Summary


If you are considering applying for a transfer for the 2015/16 school year, please obtain a release from your district of residence.  Templeton will provide the request form after March 1, 2015 for families who have already obtained a release.  As a release is required prior to completing the Templeton request form, we do not make the form available on our web site.  Please keep in mind that requests received between March 1 and May 15 are reviewed for possible early approval.  Requests received after May 15 are held pending confirmation we can accommodate the student's needs.  It is possible we may not be able to confirm a student is approved until the start of school in August. 


For further information, please contact Cheryl Parks at (805) 434-5805. 




Elementary School Configuration Plan Update

Numerous meetings have been held to consider the best way to address our increased facility needs at the elementary grade levels.  On February 10 a community forum was held to review options for configuring our schools.  The link below will take you to a PowerPoint presentation that will help you to understand what is being considered and why.

PowerPoint Presentation

A follow up forum was held on March 25 and then the final meeting with the Board of Trustees was held on April 10 Board.  The options presented to the board were: 

Option 1:

                Move the entire second grade onto the existing VES campus.  This option would require the construction of approximately 10 classrooms.  It would eliminate the need to replace 5 portable classrooms across the district.  The size of the VES campus is projected to be 700 students by 2015-16 and over 800 students by 2017-18.


Option 2:

                Maintain TES as a TK – 2nd grade configuration.  This option would require the construction of approximately 5 classrooms.  It would not eliminate the need to replace any classrooms across the district.  TES would need frequent daily access to at least half of the upper grass field currently used by the TMS PE program.  The size of the TES campus is projected to be nearly 650 students in 2015-16 and remain above 600 for the foreseeable future.


Option 3:  APPROVED

                Develop a new grade configuration on district owned vacant land.  The most likely placement would be next to VES between the dog park and the school.  The proposed grade configuration for this site would serve grades 2 and 3.  This option would require the construction of approximately 22 classrooms, one office, and a multi-purpose room.  It would eliminate the need to replace approximately 15 classrooms across the district.  The size of this campus is projected to house up to 400 students.  This option would reduce the size of TES and VES by approximately 150 students each.


Option 4:

                Develop a new grade configuration on district owned vacant land.  The most likely placement would be next to VES between the dog park and the school.  The proposed grade configuration for this site would serve grades TK - 1.  This option would require the construction of approximately 20 classrooms, one office, and a multi-purpose room.  10 of the 20 classrooms would be larger kindergarten sized classrooms.  It would eliminate the need to replace approximately 9 classrooms across the district.  VES would be modified to serve students in grades 2-4 and would remain approximately the same size.  This option would require TES to be modified to house fifth grade students.  The size of the new TK – 1 campus is projected to house up to 400 students.  The new fifth grade campus at TES would serve approximately 200 students.  It would also require a modification to existing playgrounds and field space.

Following extensive discussion, the Board took action to approve and move forward with option 3.  This will include performing our due diligence identifying possible site alternatives to the vacant parcel adjacent to the VES campus.  We will begin the process of identifying an architect to develop the initial projected cost estimates.  We hope you'll join us as we navigate through the initial phases of the project to a finished facility. 



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Si usted necesita hablar con un empleado del distrito,  en español,  por favor llame a TES en nuestra línea telefónica  al (805) 434-4027 y hable con Annette Calcote, profesora del Desarrollo de Ingles (ELD).  Si la llamada no es contestada, por  favor deje un mensaje con un buen número para comunicarse con usted.  Intentaremos de contestarle durante las horas de 1:30-2p lúnes a viernes, o hasta las 9:00 de la noche el mismo día. Sus preguntas e inquietudes son muy importantes para nosotros, y queremos asegurarse de que ustedes pueden conseguir sus preguntas relacionadas a la escuela.


Jill Southern, Directora TES y Annette Calcote, Profesora de ELD

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